[FAQ] About me and this blog!

Name: Kish (^^V)

Country: Pee-Li-Peens

Age: the number still exists on the calendar!



  • Do you do photo spam requests?

-NO. Sorry. Before, Yes, but now, a lot of SNSD blogs are accepting spam requests so, I don’t think I need to do that anyomore. (spielsified, soshislove, fuckyeahthebestsnsdblog and more)

  • What do you use in making gifs?

- Photoshp CS4

  • Do you have the dl link of that PS ver?

- No, sorry.

  • Why do you still posts photos/infos that are already been posted?

It’s for the sake of the people who don’t want to do so much backtracking and just can go to my linked page. And I don’t really do backtrack that’s why sometimes I didn’t know.

  • Do you do promotions? (eg: Blogs, etc)

I CAN, and it’s only for sensible things. If not, I won’t.

  • Do you have the original photo of your Tumblog background?

-Yes. I have these. Gee Japanese version. Genie Japanese Version. Credits to SNSDgifs and the recent one Mr. Taxi (cropped) Mr. Taxi (original; HQ)

  • How do you do that link in your profile?

- HTML codes. e.g: <a href=”YOUR LINK HERE”>MY Twitter</a>

  • Why do you like SNSD?

Why can’t I?

  • Do you follow back?

- Yes. If I like you and your posts and if my basket isn’t full.


I do NOT own any of the things I post unless they have my watermark, tagged or stated so. Credit goes all to the rightful owners.